Illinois Criminal Defense Attorneys Representing Those Accused of Sex Offenses

Sex offenses, especially those involving children, elicit more outrage and condemnation than almost any other type of crime. The accused are presented as leading double lives and unworthy of the basic constitutional freedoms that we often take for granted.

Rigorous Defense for the Falsely Accused

Because of the stigma attached to sexual offenses, many unstable or unscrupulous people will falsely accuse a family member, neighbor, teacher, or someone else they dislike of committing a sex crime. Sometimes, prosecutors unknowingly rely on false statements and testimony. The results can be devastating, even if the allegations are proved false.

People who are charged with sex crimes are fearful of what could happen to them if they go to prison. Those convicted of sex crimes often face lifetime registration as a sex offender. Essentially, they will carry the sex offender label with them for the rest of their life, no matter where they move.

Confronted with the prospect of a lengthy prison sentence and a lifetime of monitoring and registration, you cannot afford to plead guilty. You need a sex crimes defense lawyer who is willing to fight for you and who can poke holes in the prosecution’s case.

At the criminal defense law firm of John W. Callahan, Ltd., we have obtained dismissals and not-guilty verdicts in dozens of sex offense cases, including sexual assault, solicitation, sexual abuse, rape, solicitation of a minor, Internet sexual solicitation, child pornography, criminal sexual abuse, indecent exposure, pandering, prostitution, statutory rape, child solicitation or enticement, possession of child pornography, and aggravated sexual battery.

If hired early in the process, your sexual offense defense attorney can contact the prosecution and negotiate to reduce or minimize the charges against you.

Discovery Is Specific in Sex Crime Cases

There are specific discovery requests (requests to see the state’s evidence against you) that need to be made in sex crime cases, which most other attorneys don’t even know to request. John W. Callahan, Ltd., attorneys fight vigorously to make sure the prosecution does not take liberties with evidence, testimony, or witnesses. If the state has accused you of a sex offense, we’ll say, “Prove it.” We will challenge evidence and witness statements, hold investigators and experts accountable, and insist on procedural justice. We will find alibis, work records, and phone records to help prove that you are innocent.

Don’t Let Questionable Evidence or Lies Ruin Your Life
Chicago Sexual Defense Attorneys John W. Callahan, Ltd.

A criminal sexual charge is a serious matter. If you have been accused of a sexual offense, you could face jail time and a lifelong stigma as a sexual offender. Are you sure your constitutional protections have been preserved by police and prosecutors? At the law office of John W. Callahan, Ltd., located in Schaumburg, Illinois, and representing clients in Cook, DuPage and Kane counties, we demand an impartial and fair trial for our clients.

Contact the law office of John W. Callahan, Ltd., today if you are facing a criminal sexual charge. Understanding what you are up against and the defenses available to you are crucial for maintaining your rights throughout your case.

Gathering All the Facts

We are all familiar with news stories involving rejection, spurned lovers, jealousy, vindictive co-workers, unstable students, or blackmail. False sexual charges are not unusual and challenging witnesses, testimony, and evidence is crucial. The attorneys at the law office of John W. Callahan, Ltd., challenge the prosecutor to consider all the facts. In defending your case, we will:

  • Gather evidence in support of your defense
  • Demand a psychological evaluation of the accuser
  • Determine if the accuser suffers from false memories or fantasies
  • Introduce supporting medical evidence or expert psychological opinion
  • Suggest possible motives the accuser might have for making his or her accusations

All of these defense measures require time and preparation. If you haven’t contacted a criminal defense attorney yet, contact our offices immediately so that we can start the processes necessary for constructing your defense.

The Scope of Criminal Sexual Offenses

Criminal sexual offenses include a number of misdemeanor and felony charges. The criminal defense law office of John W. Callahan, Ltd., represents clients charged with the following:

  • Rape
  • Solicitation
  • Prostitution
  • Sexual abuse
  • Aggravated sexual assault
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Illegal possession of pornography
  • Child pornography
  • Indecent exposure
  • Voyeurism
  • Pimping
  • Pandering

Avoid Complications — Hire an Attorney Immediately

Certain sexual offenses can be charged as either a felony or misdemeanor offenses, depending on the prosecutor’s judgment. It is important to hire an attorney right away to protect your rights.

Don’t make matters worse by delaying your defense. The prosecution has investigators, experts, lab technicians, and monetary resources to put you behind bars. If they’ve arrested you … it’s a pretty good indication they believe you committed a crime.

Contact the sexual offense defense lawyers of John W. Callahan, Ltd., today to make sure you get a fair trial.